Zumba fitness and great benefits for women

Zumba fitness is a subject with many great benefits. Today, many women choose zumba as a method of losing weight and exercising health.

Zumba is an exercise with a harmonious combination of physical exercises and aerobic movements. Therefore, with one hour of zumba dance, your body will burn between 500-700 calories. Each zumba dance move has a strong impact on all parts of the body.

After only a short time practicing Zumba dance, your physique will have amazing changes. Healthier body, more balanced, more cheerful spirit. Especially, you will always be full of energy to confidently face the full range of obstacles; difficulties of everyday life.

Practice dance fitness with appropriate intensity, your health will change amazingly. In addition to effective weight loss, this sport also helps your body to move more flexibly.

The limbs and other parts are more flexible. Later, you will notice that the body is more supple. The skeletal and muscle systems also develop better. That is why dance fitness is especially suitable for office workers.

When practicing Zumba dance, our whole body will be in rhythmic movement, performing movements according to the melody of the song. Therefore, it will help stimulate blood circulation and help the cardiovascular system become stronger.

The trainee’s mind and body seem to get rid of all worries. Zumba dance practice time will help burn excess energy making you always feel happier and more excited.

You have the ability to lose 300 to 900 calories within 1 hour of moderate to high exercise in zumba. Zumba training 2 to 3 times per week is combined with strength training and a proper diet. Research shows that, on average, they burn 9.5 calories per minute in a 39-minute zumba workout.

Thus, the total amount of calories you can burn for 40 minutes is 369 calories. The calories you burn are similar to those exercising in high-intensity sports like kickboxing, aerobics or power yoga.