What is Fitness? Should you pursue Fitness or not?

Currently, the gym movement is growing more and attracting everyone’s attention. Fitness is a school of the gym and is pursued by many people. So do you know what Fitness is? What are the benefits of Fitness? Let’s find out in the following article!

What is fitness?

To explain this, imagine that the body is thin but has a belly with a fat person with breasts. What is the same in the two cases? Is this called balance? In general, the muscle mass of lean people is still too little and can not reach the balance mark.

Fitness helps people complete their bodies, live healthier lives, and Fitness practitioners own healthy and well-balanced bodies. This means you have to have a well-proportioned muscle mass to be recognized as a Body Fitness, while a toned body but a bit lean is not.

Fitness helps people complete their bodies, live healthier lives

However, you can also understand Fitness is a school in bodybuilding, with exercises that help us improve the body in terms of muscles, heart, respiration, and bones to have flexibility. tough, flexible, balance, and speed.

The benefits received when pursuing Fitness

A fat person who wants to lose weight or a skinny person who wants to gain muscle can do Fitness. However, Fitness focuses on new fitness building exercises to heavier weight lifting exercises to develop other muscle groups including abdominal muscles, thigh muscles, large muscle groups such as the back, bucket…

Not only Fitness, but any sport also helps you to have endurance, better immunity, prevent many dangerous diseases (cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, …) if you exercise. practice regularly.

In good health and stamina, you have more energy to do other activities, challenging yourself to new things with virtually no restrictions.

Fitness helps the body burn more calories, you need to recharge your body, thereby increasing your appetite and you eat better. In fitness training, you need to pay attention to diet to be able to perfectly combine exercises to deliver satisfactory results.

Besides, after a period of tiring training, your body needs rest to recover, you will sleep better. But note that you should not exercise near bedtime (about 2 hours) to avoid muscle aches and you cannot fall asleep.