Top reasons you should participate in bodybuilding (Part 2)

3. Burn more calories

Weight training is the most effective calorie-burning exercise because lifting weights requires a lot of energy. Just a few weight training moves can help you run a dozen miles in an hour.

4. Complementary to the diet

Exercise helps you consciously follow a reasonable diet plan. Experts all say that combining both diet and weight training will remind you to consciously pursue your weight loss goals seriously.

5. Helps reduce stress

Sweating with dumbbells is one of the ways to regain balance, overcome stress. After stressful situations, blood pressure in people with a lot of muscle returns to normal faster than in people with less muscle.

Bodybuilding brings many great benefits

6. Getting happier

Researchers found that people who exercised weights about three times a week for 6 months had better psychological and emotional control.

7. Getting stronger Bones

The older your bones are, the more brittle your bones increase the risk of fracture. However, if you work hard to lift weights, the amount of osteocalcin that the bones produce will increase by up to 19%. Osteocalcin is a protein that plays a role in binding calcium to the bones, preventing osteoporosis.

8. Quickly get back in shape

The term heart rate exercise isn’t just about aerobic exercises. One study found that weight training also increased 15 beats per minute more than running. Strengthening muscles also has the same benefits as aerobics.

9. Healthier Heart

Researchers at the University of Michigan show that those who do three full-body weight-training programs a week for two months reduce their risk of high blood pressure, stroke prevention by up to 40%, and stuffing. myocardial blood 15%

10. Work more efficiently

Some studies show that workers are 15% more efficient on the days they work out. Theoretically, on exercise days, you’ll get the job done in 8 hours when it normally takes more than 9 hours.

11. Live Longer

Research from the University of South Carolina shows that full-body exercise is linked to low mortality from cancer and leukemia. Similarly, scientists have also found that being healthy in middle age can help you live to 85 years without serious illness.

12. Support the process of weight gain

Thin people want to gain weight most of them go to the gym to change themselves. Bodybuilding helps improve weight and muscle mass, helps you feel more confident in your body.

Above are top reasons you should participate in bodybuilding.