Top reasons you should participate in bodybuilding (Part 1)

Practicing for a better look, better health, confidence, and self-esteem, anyone should try. Depending on aesthetics and pursuing goals, each person will have their conclusion, how beautiful and enough practice is.

As mentioned, Fitness is a school of bodybuilding and the pursuit of Fitness is pursuing a process of building strong muscles. So this process will take a lot of time and effort, but in return, when you have reached a certain milestone, you will feel it is a great achievement, extremely worthy of the merits. effort spent.

There is no denying the positive results that Fitness brings for trainees a beautiful body and good health. If it fits my criteria, why not try to pursue Fitness?

Fitness brings for trainees a beautiful body and good health

In addition to helping to lose fat, strengthen muscles, weight training also gives you many unexpected benefits. Many people still wonder whether to join the bodybuilding sport because of concerns about many physiological problems, or many other reasons. Here are some reasons you should read through the department that knows about bodybuilding.

1. Reduce more than 40% of fat

Researchers at Penn State University tried an experiment that divided dieters into three groups, one without exercise, one with only aerobic exercise, and another with aerobic weight training.

As a result, all three groups lost nearly 10 kg, but the group with weightlifting lost nearly 3 kg more fat than the group that did not exercise. Weight training helps to lose fat simply, while other forms of exercise lose both fat and muscle.

2. Clothes will fit your body better

A study shows that by the age of 30 to 50, you will lose about 10% of the muscle mass in the body. Worse yet, this muscle mass is replaced by the fat layer that enlarges your breasts because half a pound of fat takes up 18% more area than a pound of muscle. So when you lift weights, you will lose pure fat, making your bust fit.