Top extreme sports as a hobby in the world (Part 4)


Unlike other extreme sports, with this game, a person is launched from a catapult at a height of 7m in the air in a pool or foam pit. AirKick propels players on the air in a pre-calculated parabola, using a special combination of air pressure and water recapture technology.

Players sit on a specially designed seat at the end of the catapult. Participants will be able to activate their own movements by pressing the button. There are about 60 liters of water compressed in a rocket under the seat. The amount of compressed water created a force that pushed players away 8m in the air and then plunged into the pool.

Walk on a rope

This is one of the most extreme sports. It is about balancing the utilization of nylon fabric stretched between two anchor points. It lends itself to walking on a regular rope in that the cord is not stretched but very flexible, stretching and bouncing like a large rubber band.

The tension of the strings can be adjusted to suit the performers and fabrics with different flexibility can be used to achieve many different feats. The large rope itself, due to the type of cloth, will help keep the player from dangling rather than the usual ropes. The dynamic nature of the strings allows players to perform stunts.

Zorbing sphere

Throwing yourself down the slope in a giant ball (also known as Zorbing) is one of the most adventurous sports to become the craze around the world. This strange sport invented in 2000 consists of a giant plastic ball with two skin layers (one layer is embedded in the other).

Players of this sport will lie between the two skin layers, the part is filled with gas. The middle part of the ball, where the person lies, will hover between the air and about 700mm from the ground and the ball will roll down the hill.

Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey is what some divers want to do during the winter when the outdoor water is too cold to dive. The sport came to England in the 1950s when some British divers discovered new ways to adapt to the winter.

A match using nothing other than diving gear, and of course sticks, protective gear and gloves. These items make breathing an important element of the game, and players need to know how to regulate oxygen in their bodies. Underwater hockey is increasingly popular around the world and some countries also form national teams to compete in the World Championship.

Above are the great extreme sports as hobbies nowadays. If you have enough physical and mental conditions to play these sports, try them!