Top extreme sports as a hobby in the world (Part 3)

Train surfing

Often considered an illegal sport, “surfing” on the roof of a train requires players to slide on the roof of a running train or subway. The practice of this sport became a serious problem in South Africa when so many young people were killed or injured. This sport was popular in 1980 in Germany and is known as “S-Bahn Surfing”.

The sport was later forgotten, but by 2005 a group of people in Frankfurt, Germany had rediscovered and played these extreme sports. The leader of this group of people called themselves “The driver of the ship” and “surfing” on the roof of the famous ship InterCityExpress – the fastest ship in Germany.

Bungee jumping into the lake with crocodiles

Are you bored with the normal bungee jumping style? Perhaps you can spice up these extreme sports by bungee jumping into a crocodile-filled stream.

Jumping from the cliff

Adding a new dimension to diving sports, jumping from cliffs is defined as being perfect for acrobatics and thrills. Fearless of the boulders, the players of this sport are truly reckless when they dive into the water below to experience this memorable moment for the rest of their lives.

These extreme sports originated on the Hawaiian island in 1770. King Kahekili asked his courtiers to rush off the cliff and into the water below to prove their loyalty and courage. Today, after many centuries, this activity has spread into a sport that marks great courage, concentration and danger, and fear.

Jumping from cliffs is one of the most dangerous water sports to jump into and the injury is inevitable. To protect the jumpers, specific standards have been set to minimize the risk of hazards. One of these is the limited height jump (23-28m for men and 18-23m for women), the ideal speed is 75-100km / h and the free-fall time is 3 seconds

Free stilts

This is an extreme sport because you wear something that is a combination of low stilts and polo sticks on your feet. This idea is to increase the danger for the player. This may sound a bit boring, but you would think differently if you witnessed the sport firsthand.