To have a toned body, Jennifer Lawrence has the secret

In the eyes of colleagues, Jennifer is a polite, hard-working and humble girl. As for the fans, she is like a close and simple neighbor, not at all like an A-list Hollywood star.

In The Hunger Games, she transformed into a strong character. To achieve the criteria consistent with the image of a real heroine, Jennifer had to follow strict training regimes.

Jennifer Lawrence bật mí cách giữ dáng - bí quyết giúp diễn viên gặt hái nhiều trái ngọt dù tuổi đời còn rất trẻ - Ảnh 6.

Cardio exercises will certainly be an integral part of the daily training cycle. Because it not only helps us increase endurance but also helps burn calories and break down excess fat.

Early morning jogging will help you lose fat faster than other times of the day. Coach Wong always followed Jennifer Lawrence every day 10-12h every day for 3 months.

When filming in Oxford, she often starts her day by practicing 20-30 minutes outdoors. She often runs with her coach outside with nature. This keeps the body refreshed and welcomes the day to be more active.

During a day of filming, Jennifer will regularly practice the exercises within 15 minutes of high intensity with her coach. This is absolutely suitable for people who have no training schedule and busy working time like Jennifer.

In this short, intense 15-minute exercise, the beautiful actress will stay in shape with a series of power circuits for 15 minutes. She focused heavily on her buttocks and legs below.

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Jennifer’s workout at the end of the day ends with yoga and deep breathing. With a relaxing effect, yoga reduces stress extremely well. Thereby helping you sleep better, better stamina resistance training.

Especially with breathing exercises in yoga, Jennifer is very focused on following the instructions of the coach. This is a very effective relaxation exercise, to help you sleep better.

Bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, planks are also very focused by the actress to keep fit because she can practice anywhere.