Things that 90% of people who doing gym do not notice (Part 3)

According to bodybuilding experts, to achieve the effect when participating in the gym, it is not important to lift or light but it is important to correct the movements and eat the muscles. Heavy training with a grimace and a blush in the background won’t help.

It is important to hold the breath, do the movements slowly, accurately and evenly. If you feel a little tingling and burning in the muscles that you are practicing is most accurate.

5. Learn how to feel

Thinking about muscle, learning how to feel muscles is one of the things you need to know when you exercise. It may seem silly, but focus your thoughts on the muscle while exercising.

Learn how to feel with muscles. You can practice this even without weights. When at home, stretching and muscle contraction feel.

Focusing your thoughts and muscles is the link between muscles and thoughts, causing muscles to move in a way You want to help you visualize and develop a target muscle group.

6. Focus compound exercises

Newbies are often drawn to the gym and the complex techniques found online or in magazines. If you haven’t worked out in the gym for a long time, doing isolation exercises that focus on only one muscle group at a time will not get you the best results.

To achieve the best results for muscle growth and fat loss, you should start with complex exercises for many muscle groups such as Squat, Bench press, Shoulder press, Bent over row, Deadlift, Pull up and Lunge.

These exercises allow you to lift weights better, enter more muscle groups and increase your metabolic rate rather than moving exercises that isolate each muscle group.

To get started, choose exercises that use at least half of your body. You can add isolation exercises, but start with the movements that give you the best results.

7. Warm up before training and stretch when finished

One of the precautions before starting the gym is the boot. Warm-up is required when we participate in any physical activity and sports including gym.

When exercising, remember to warm up before exercising and relax your muscles after you’ve completed the workout.

Gym is a sport that requires the most muscular movement, so it needs to be warmed up to warm the body like a stepping stone to help move the body from a calm state to a light movement and then a strong exercise.