Things that 90% of people who doing gym do not notice (Part 2)

Do you exercise to lose weight? Do you exercise to reduce belly fat? Do you exercise to gain muscle? Do you exercise to increase strength or endurance? Or simply do gym to get better health? Those are the goals that you need to identify before exercising.

Determining your pre-workout goal is one of the important pre-workout notes. Only when you identify a goal, do you have the right training regime to help you achieve that goal. You can’t go to the gym every day without knowing what your goals are.

3. Gymnastics must be technically correct

Training techniques and posture is a special factor to remember in the note before exercising.

Not to mention whether any gym exercises work or not, first you need to practice the right techniques to ensure safety for the body first.

The parts most vulnerable to injuries when doing the gym are the lower back, knees, shoulders, … Need to pay attention when doing the movements related to these parts.

How your spine position while lifting weights has a great influence on your body and the weight you can lift. Unless you are a professional or a special trainer, keep your chest flat, your head and neck in a neutral position, your back straight, no matter what exercise you do.

Newcomers often bend their backs too much while lifting weights, it can help you to exercise easier but not good for your body, and the biggest enemy is injury. A good spine usually originates from the body, strong abdomen, muscle groups that help protect your spine.

4. Exercise gently and gradually increase the difficulty

For those who are new to the gym, you should not imitate those who practice for a long time and perform exercises too heavy compared to their ability. There are many friends who have just started training for the first time but try to lift with a person who has practiced for 1 year due to the feeling of embarrassment (when only lifting small weights) or to prove “we are healthy”.

This is a common mistake because it will be very easy to hurt you and after a few days you can not practice anymore due to muscle pain.