The development trend of gym and fitness industry nowadays

The origin of the fitness movement in the world

Few people know that fitness has appeared more than 3000 years ago in ancient Persia in the form of physical training gatherings at the “Zurkhaneh” (ie gym now). But the first formal gym for bodybuilding enthusiasts was born in ancient Greece.

Gradually, gyms with the purpose of physical education for teenagers appeared even in ancient Egypt, as well as a training ground for Olympic athletes.

The development of the gym

Exist for a long time with many ups and downs, until the early 19th century, the new gymnasiums began to be popular and replicated at universities and colleges. Due to the increasing demands of boxers and gladiators, boxing gyms began to sprout up in 1930.

It was not until 1960 and 1970 that the gym chain for the purpose of fitness training and yard creation for new born gym enthusiasts. The gym leading the bodybuilding movement (in California, USA) at that time belonged to bodybuilder and businessman Joe Gold.

The gymer at Joe Gold’s gym

The year 1990 marked an explosion of the fitness movement, especially when the gyms were trying to strike into the “desire to have a fit, healthy body, and ivory body” of people. The link between fitness and success has become the golden key to conquering employers. It is believed that candidates with balanced appearance always gain more advantages at work.

The introduction of the first fitness competition

As the bodybuilding movement became more and more popular, in turn, a series of competitions for the gymer world was born. Large-scale competitions have begun to appear, the first of which is Mr. Universe, born in 1950.

Then Mr. Olympia, born in 1965 and Muscle Contest, was born in 1988. In 2017, Muscle Contest – one of the prestigious bodybuilding competitions of the world by famous bodybuilder – Tamer El-Guindy as president.