The brief history of gym in the world

More than 3,000 years ago, in ancient Persia, there were areas where people gathered for physical training, called Zurkhaneh (the precursor of the gym now).

However, the first official gym was born in ancient Greece. The word gymnasium (gym) is derived from the Greek word “gymnos” – meaning nude.

Gyms of ancient Egypt were the places where athletes practiced to compete in the Olympics. The gym at that time was also an educational place for young people, including physical education, bathing and learning.

Prosperous for a while, suddenly the gym disappeared for centuries. Until the 19th century, new schools and colleges rebuilt gyms.

In the 1930s, boxing gyms were born, pioneering the establishment of the Gramercy room of the Ecl D’Amanto Gym in Manhattan in 1939. However, these gyms only trained martial artists and fighter.

Between the 1960s and the 1970s, gym chains were born. Most prominently, in 1965, the Gold Gym chain was founded by American bodybuilder and businessman Joe Gold in Venice, California. This is really a playground for bodybuilders.

By the 1980s, gyms became popular and many gym chains were established, such as 24 Hour Fitness (1983) and LA Fitness (1984).

At the time, the gyms were attracting customers because employers were starting to favor healthy, well-proportioned candidates.

By the 1990s, the gym industry was really booming because people saw the connection between exercise and success. No one can deny the fact that a more fit candidate will have more advantages in the eyes of the employer.

At this time, many gyms were established simultaneously, most notably Lifetime Fitness rooms in 1990, Equinox Fitness in 1991 and Virgin Active in 1999.

The national fitness campaign was started in China before the 2008 Summer Olympics with the introduction of the outdoor gym. These gyms are built on the idea of ​​combining jogging with overcoming obstacles to diversify the practice of gymer.

The type of gym quickly responded and spread in China from 1998-2008. Even people who have experience and good bodybuilding are involved.

Gym and fitness nowadays

To this day, the gym industry is still thriving, young people in developed countries are becoming more and more aware of their workouts. The simplest thing that you can not do, do not dream of being strong and persistent enough to change other things.