9 rules in a gym diet you must follow to achieve a fit body (Part 3)

Whey Protein For example, to prepare yourself for the whole workout afterwards, just before 30 minutes of exercise, you can drink 20 grams of whey protein or a mixture of whey and casein along with about 40 grams of slow digesting carbohydrates. Then, within 1 hour after the practice, you add Immediately give the body […]

The brief history of gym in the world

More than 3,000 years ago, in ancient Persia, there were areas where people gathered for physical training, called Zurkhaneh (the precursor of the gym now). However, the first official gym was born in ancient Greece. The word gymnasium (gym) is derived from the Greek word “gymnos” – meaning nude. Gyms of ancient Egypt were the […]

9 rules in a gym diet you must follow to achieve a fit body (Part 1)

Anyone who comes to the gym wants to have a toned, slim and beautiful body. However, just practicing alone is not enough. Diet in the gym is the second most important factor to get a desired body shape. However, many gymer often think that the diet of the gym often has to be harsh and […]

Practicing gym at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Restricting to prevent cross-contamination is a way to prevent diseases that most countries are implementing. There are many gym centers that are closed to keep people at home. Does that mean there’s no way to do the gym? Not just a personal hobby or a way to have a fit appearance, but gym is also […]