The wrong conceptions women often have when doing gym (Part 1)

Gym women are no longer a strange thing, the sisters now pay attention, take care of their health, and physique much more than before. However, during the exercise they also often encounter some problems, here are the things women need to keep in mind when exercising. Gyms are now popular with many people, just like […]

Mistakes you need to avoid when doing gym

The following common gym mistakes below not only decrease exercise efficiency, they can even cause unwanted injury. 1. Not warm up properly Fitness trainer George Ashwell at Twenty Two Training Center in London (UK) said, warm up properly and correctly is the most basic thing you need to pay attention to when exercising. Because this […]

The failure to meet nutritional needs you should know before doing gym

Meeting the body’s nutritional needs to achieve efficiency in exercise. Besides a reasonable exercise regimen, nutrition is a huge determinant of gyms. Whether you are a man or a woman, exercise to gain weight, lose weight or simply reducing stress after stressful study and work hours. According to statistics, more than 80% of gym people […]

Things that 90% of people who doing gym do not notice (Part 3)

According to bodybuilding experts, to achieve the effect when participating in the gym, it is not important to lift or light but it is important to correct the movements and eat the muscles. Heavy training with a grimace and a blush in the background won’t help. It is important to hold the breath, do the […]

Things that 90% of people who doing gym do not notice (Part 2)

Do you exercise to lose weight? Do you exercise to reduce belly fat? Do you exercise to gain muscle? Do you exercise to increase strength or endurance? Or simply do gym to get better health? Those are the goals that you need to identify before exercising. Determining your pre-workout goal is one of the important […]

Things that 90% of people who doing gym do not notice (Part 1)

People who just go to the gym are often surprised and often make mistakes. To be able to exercise effectively, you need to understand the basic principles not to be missed. So, there are things to know when doing any gym? There are notes before the gym like? 1. Regular and appropriate gym exercise schedule […]