5 notes every new bodybuilder should know

For those who are new to bodybuilding, setting goals is necessary, but don’t be in a hurry because the results don’t come overnight. In order to bring the highest efficiency, does not affect health, new bodybuilders can not ignore the following 7 notes. 1. Unreasonable training intensity Those who are new to bodybuilding often have […]

Things that 90% of people who doing gym do not notice (Part 3)

According to bodybuilding experts, to achieve the effect when participating in the gym, it is not important to lift or light but it is important to correct the movements and eat the muscles. Heavy training with a grimace and a blush in the background won’t help. It is important to hold the breath, do the […]

Jujimufu shares tips to help others also have a beautiful body

Jujimufu, whose real name is Jon Call, is known by many as the acrobat with the hard bodybuilding. With weight training and he became known throughout the world through America‚Äôs Got Talent 11th season with weight training on the chair. So in order to have a huge physique, Jujimufu has made the whole world have […]