Practicing gym to improve health at home during COVID-19 pandemic

No need to buy expensive treadmill or expensive equipment, a gym kit and a gym mat are all you need for a training journey against coronavirus. So, what do you need to prepare for practicing gym at home during COVID-19 pandemic? Read the instructions for choosing clothes and gym mats as follows!

1. Gym clothes

Not all clothes can go to the gym! You need an outfit to achieve the following.

Fitting close to the body, neither too tight nor too wide. This helps prevent blood flow and unnecessary injuries in baggy clothes.

Material sweat absorbent quickly. When exercising, a lot of sweat is released, if the clothes are not absorbent, sweat will return to the body and cause disease.

Good elasticity gives you confidence to practice without fear of happening.

You can refer to the hottest gym clothes today and shop online. Because Covid-19 please shop online to ensure the health of everyone.

2. Gym mats

The gym mat will protect you from strong and difficult movements, as it restricts the slippery mode to help keep your balance better to avoid injury injuries.

Do not hesitate to invest in a quality gym rug because you can use it for 2-3 years even 4-5 years if well preserved.


In addition to the training mat, equip yourself with an antiseptic solution for cleaning practice mats and other equipment (if any). Maintaining good hygiene is especially important during acute pneumonia.

What movements can be practiced at home?

For those who have just started to choose gym as a sport to improve health during the COVID-19 pandemic, please come to the following guide.

Is a sequence of exercises good for lungs & cardiovascular indispensable for every home. Simple movements, high intensity, no tools, extremely suitable for long days at home.

Aside from cardio, here are three very familiar moves that don’t require any extra equipment or space:

Inhaling soil

Add a cardio to support the heart and breathing. In addition, inhaling soil also prevents osteoporosis, strengthens muscles and bones, enhances hormone production growth,…

Stomach crunch

Working at home, limiting the road to make us sit more easily leading to belly fat accumulation. The stretching exercise gives you the muscles in your abdomen, helping you to maintain a better balance.

Reducing the amount of fat accumulated in the belly also means reducing the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular…

Above is what you need to prepare for practicing gym to improve health at home during COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, the information is useful for you.