Practicing gym at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Restricting to prevent cross-contamination is a way to prevent diseases that most countries are implementing. There are many gym centers that are closed to keep people at home. Does that mean there’s no way to do the gym?

Not just a personal hobby or a way to have a fit appearance, but gym is also a very supportive sport for the health of the practitioner. The movements in the gym both support toned muscles and require the body to mobilize from there to increase blood circulation, improve resistance.

Improve physical health

Especially in the time of COVID-19 pandemic is raging today, gyms are sought by many people as an effective solution for health. However, when the gym is closed due to the epidemic, many people are bewildered because the training process may be interrupted.

The gym can practice at home, even those who have never been to the gym can start practicing. Read to the end of the article for detailed instructions.

Improve mental health

The days off from work or work from home will become boring because you just hang around with so much work every day. At this time, gym becomes a new, interesting part of the daily schedule.

Surely, you also know when physical activity is also the time when your spirit is relaxed, bringing youthful, dynamic right? Make this vacation a happy and healthy one. At this time, gym becomes a new, interesting part of the daily schedule.

In addition, the gym and fitness can also turn into a measure of determination and willpower, do you have enough perseverance to complete a minimum of 15-30 minutes of gym every day? Perseverance in the small is the foundation to build greater determination to succeed there!


Don’t be so moody or worry because the virus is spreading fast, instead take advantage of this time to equip yourself with perfect health to prepare yourself well until the day of the outbreak!