Mistakes you need to avoid when doing gym

The following common gym mistakes below not only decrease exercise efficiency, they can even cause unwanted injury.

1. Not warm up properly

Fitness trainer George Ashwell at Twenty Two Training Center in London (UK) said, warm up properly and correctly is the most basic thing you need to pay attention to when exercising. Because this is the foundation for high efficiency as well as no injury during the exercise.

2. Inappropriate exercise program

During training, in addition to having to try many exercises in different muscle groups, you also need to change the weight of weights through heavy, light exercises, says Sandy Macaskill, coach of Bootcamp Barry. Flexibility during exercise will help you have a more balanced and healthy body. Otherwise, inappropriate exercises will easily lead to gym failure.

3. Focus too much on results

Setting goals in the gym process is very necessary, but not so that you are in a hurry to “burn the stage”. Exercising too hard to lose weight or gain muscle can make you more tired, stressed, and pressured. You should set a goal with the time to practice and exercises that are suitable for your condition, the results will surprise you.

4. Inappropriate nutrition

One of the common mistakes when doing gym is trying to exercise a lot and eat a little to quickly lose weight or squeeze the muscle. They do not know that insufficient caloric intake will cause inefficient metabolism and energy metabolism.

5. End exercise quickly and suddenly

During exercise, your body temperature will rise, blood vessels dilate more than usual. Stopping too quickly and suddenly will cause your body to not adapt in time, leading to bad effects on the body. Therefore, before you finish, you should slowly reduce the weight and intensity of training.

6. Depend on dietary supplements

Using dietary supplements such as protein drinks and vitamins for the gym will be more effective than normal exercise. However, if you abuse or depend on them, it will lead to counter-productive.