Find healthy and beautiful inspiration from famous Fitness Bloggers

Kayla is one of the most famous fitness blogger and fitness coach in the world. She applies exercises to increase heart rate, light weight lifting to maximize fat burning.

Her exercises are not too difficult and only require 30 minutes of exercise for 3 weeks per day. She also breaks down in detail the movements and dishes for ordinary people and vegetarians.

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Kayla advises people to eat moderately, not too full and full to develop muscle and burn excess fat. And she always remember to eat lots of green vegetables.

Demi is known as a teenager, the strongest and most powerful fitness blogger in the world when it is her energy that has helped her get rid of her illness. Seeing Demi flying in the air now, few people thought that she had an accident leading to paralysis.

Pursuing the Calisthenics school of street sports, exercising for the upper body with single or double bar inhalation exercises and Demi’s body was supple. She has gradually recovered completely from the accident. Her Instagram and Facebook are therefore always full of inspiration.

When practicing Calisthenics, you have to battle gravity to bring your body into the air. Therefore, starches and grains will be indispensable nutrients. However, Demi must always supplement with cereal energy cakes or drink cereal flour before training to ensure she has enough energy to work.

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Only 22 years old, but Sjana is already a millionaire thanks to her Instagram page. She is a true yogi, a fitness blogger with the open-minded spirit of a nomad. Sjana teaches online yoga, modeling and developing many private yoga training programs on the internet as well as the App Store.

Sjana shares that she is very strict with her exercise regimen and nutrition to ensure the maximum purification of her body. Her health philosophy is not about muscle mass, fat, but her ability to balance her body.