Reasons for applying Blood Flow Restriction in gym

Blood Flow Restriction is a technique that is mentioned a lot recently, although it has been practiced for centuries. This can be considered the best technique in muscle growth. You have increased the usual strength. While absolute strength is not a signal that you’ve gained muscle, it is a signal that you’ve reached the gym. […]

Zumba fitness and great benefits for women

Zumba fitness is a subject with many great benefits. Today, many women choose zumba as a method of losing weight and exercising health. Zumba is an exercise with a harmonious combination of physical exercises and aerobic movements. Therefore, with one hour of zumba dance, your body will burn between 500-700 calories. Each zumba dance move […]

Top extreme sports as a hobby in the world (Part 4)

AirKicking Unlike other extreme sports, with this game, a person is launched from a catapult at a height of 7m in the air in a pool or foam pit. AirKick propels players on the air in a pre-calculated parabola, using a special combination of air pressure and water recapture technology. Players sit on a specially […]

Top extreme sports as hobby in the world (Part 2)

6. Climbing Many gyms currently provide climbing equipment. Enjoy this altitude sport indoors and outdoors and in the mountains. Climbing looks scary when viewed from above. Once you are afraid of heights will overwhelm you. Therefore, it is best not to participate when you are afraid of heights. You will feel comfortable climbing when you […]