Things to take notice of when going to the gym during the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you still want to go to the gym, experts advise you to follow the following 3 things. In a space with a lot of mechanical equipment and a lot of sweat and human body, the gym is a place where there can be many dangers in the middle of the […]

Top reasons you should participate in bodybuilding (Part 2)

3. Burn more calories Weight training is the most effective calorie-burning exercise because lifting weights requires a lot of energy. Just a few weight training moves can help you run a dozen miles in an hour. 4. Complementary to the diet Exercise helps you consciously follow a reasonable diet plan. Experts all say that combining […]

Types of Whey Protein and its great benefits in gym and fitness (Part 2)

In one study, people using special whey (Prolibra) had significantly higher levels of lean muscle mass and loss of body fat compared to the group that did not. Prolibra is a whey component with high concentrations of milk calcium, bioactive peptides, and leucine. Amino acid leucine is an appetite suppressant. This can help provide lower […]

The wrong conceptions women often have when doing gym (Part 1)

Gym women are no longer a strange thing, the sisters now pay attention, take care of their health, and physique much more than before. However, during the exercise they also often encounter some problems, here are the things women need to keep in mind when exercising. Gyms are now popular with many people, just like […]

Types of Whey Protein and its great benefits in gym and fitness (Part 1)

Whey Protein is an important factor determining the results of protein supplementation and fitness of bodybuilders. There are 3 main types of Whey Protein popular, their main difference is in how they have been processed. Isolated whey protein Contains 90% or more protein. It is more refined and has less milk sugar and fat, but […]

Top reasons you should participate in bodybuilding (Part 1)

Practicing for a better look, better health, confidence, and self-esteem, anyone should try. Depending on aesthetics and pursuing goals, each person will have their conclusion, how beautiful and enough practice is. As mentioned, Fitness is a school of bodybuilding and the pursuit of Fitness is pursuing a process of building strong muscles. So this process […]

Learn about whey protein and its benefits for gym and bodybuilders (Part 2)

Whey protein is an indispensable menu and is very popular in the diet of athletes, gymnastics, as well as those who want to improve overall health and body shape. The benefits of whey protein in promoting muscle, strength are as follows. Muscle building Whey Protein provides protein and amino acids serve as the building block […]

5 factors to evaluate the fitness status of a body

To be assessed as having a fit body, you need to achieve all 5 factors as follows. Cardio This criterion is measured based on the body’s endurance and cardiovascular health during exercise. The goal of these exercises is to help the practitioner have a healthy circulatory system, an effective respiratory system, stabilize the heart rate, […]

Learn about whey protein and its benefits for gym and bodybuilders (Part 1)

Whey protein is a mixture of proteins found in whey that is a byproduct of cheese production. It is usually sold as a flavored powder, used as a meal replacement, and it comes with a protein bar that’s handy for the user. Whey protein contains two main types of protein: casein (80%) and whey (20%). […]