Bodybuilders who are taller than 2 meters move to MMA competitions

Martin Ford – bodybuilder, famous British actor – has just launched the KSW audience, MMA mixed martial arts tournament of Poland.

Martyn Ford is no stranger to fitness enthusiasts. Recently, the 33-year-old bodybuilder and actor decided to switch to MMA mixed martial arts and was recruited by KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) for events held in 2019.

Possessing a height of 2.03 m, weighing 140.7 kg with muscular muscles, the outcome of the competition is unknown, but Martyn Ford is definitely a boxer impressing the audience right from the moment. feet into the octagonal cage.

Since his determination to compete at KSW, Martyn Ford has trained hard and professionally. British athletes regularly post workout clips on their personal pages and attract large numbers of viewers. During a training session, Martyn Ford even punched out the screws of a 45 kg sandbag.

Before entering the bodybuilding career, Martyn Ford had cherished plans to become a professional cricket player. However, a serious injury forced him to give up the dream.

“Reducing weight, increasing muscle stretch and flexibility. Speed ​​is the key at MMA,” the 33-year-old bodybuilder shared with fans on his personal page.

Martyn Ford’s Instagram page has 1.4 million followers. Each of his photos attracts tens of thousands of likes and comments. Martyn Ford also owns a large number of fans every time he shows up at events.

Speaking at the launch of Martyn Ford, KSW’s representative was excited: “Martyn has been fully focused and energized and ready to shine at upcoming events in 2019.”

“Beast of the gym” said his wife and little daughter will be the motivation to strive and shine in the next chapter of his career.

KSW has been a MMA tournament held in Poland since 2004. Recently, KSW has grown rapidly thanks to professional organization and the emergence of leading sports stars like Mariusz Pudzianowski.