9 rules in a gym diet you must follow to achieve a fit body (Part 1)

Anyone who comes to the gym wants to have a toned, slim and beautiful body. However, just practicing alone is not enough. Diet in the gym is the second most important factor to get a desired body shape.

However, many gymer often think that the diet of the gym often has to be harsh and abstinence. Is in fact so true?

Here are 9 principles in the diet when you exercise you must follow if you want to have a beautiful body!

1. Eat enough protein

Numerous studies show that exercise diets, including macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat), calories. Therefore, the time taken to eat meals or support products has a great influence on the outcome of your workout.

Protein is a very important nutrient for your body, especially when you are exercising. The recommended daily intake of protein is 1.1 grams per kilogram of weight for the average person.

However, research results have shown that if you want to build muscle mass, you need to use twice as much protein.

That’s why your daily diet needs at least 2.2 grams of protein (protein) per kilogram of body weight. In particular, you will need about 3.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for beginners to practice.

The best sources of protein come from green vegetables, nuts, tofu, eggs and dairy products. and lean meats of animals like chicken, turkey, beef, fish.

2. Do not ignore starches

Many of you in the gym often think that you should minimize starch, even eliminate starch from your daily diet. However, this way is not necessarily the right and best for your gym diet.

Because if protein is the most important nutrient for muscle growth, starch is the second most important.

Starch sugar is stored in the muscle as glycogen, which keeps muscles toned, healthy and energized during exercise.