5 factors to evaluate the fitness status of a body

To be assessed as having a fit body, you need to achieve all 5 factors as follows.


This criterion is measured based on the body’s endurance and cardiovascular health during exercise. The goal of these exercises is to help the practitioner have a healthy circulatory system, an effective respiratory system, stabilize the heart rate, avoid breathing problems while exercising, and increase tolerance limits.

Popular Cardio exercises are running, cycling, dancing, in addition to other sports such as swimming, ball sports.

Muscle Strength

Muscle strength is measured by how much weight a person can carry. Endurance is the number of times an exercise is repeated. Muscle strength is the amount of internal force that can be produced in one exercise. All of these can be measured by the parameters displayed on the treadmill screen.

Muscle strength is measured by how much weight a person can carry

This is a fundamental element of exercise that any bodybuilder will experience, helping to improve muscle strength and improve body movement. Muscle exercises you can refer to weights for groups of abs, back, thigh, shoulder…

Ability to keep balance, toughness

This criterion is measured by the ability of a person to maintain balance and lengthen muscles and joints. These exercises aim to coordinate the central muscle groups (abdomen, waist, back, thighs) with other muscle groups to help control the body flexibility, stabilize joints, increase blood circulation to the muscle. The popular exercises of this group of exercises include yoga, stretching exercises, balance exercises…


This criterion is assessed by the speed at which a person moves within a specific distance. These exercises are aimed at the flexibility and agility of the body. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtraining means that you have to apply reason and correct exercises to develop the speed of the whole body or for a specific muscle group.

Exercises are encouraged to do more are running exercises, jumping exercises and you can do them at home.

Body Composition

Body Composition is known to be the ratio of fat to other tissues (muscles, bones, skin) present in the body. To be able to achieve Body Fitness, in addition to the factor of exercise, you need to have a reasonable diet, stay away from harmful substances, stimulants, drink enough water, provide enough protein, getting enough sleep, sleeping on time, and having a healthy lifestyle.

Above are 5 factors to evaluate the fitness status of a body.