About Us!

CrossFit Laredo is a premium Health & Fitness Facility.  We have been operating as the first CrossFit affiliate in the city of Laredo since our inception in 2008.  Our goal is to provide an environment and comprehensive program that will help you achieve your fitness goals regardless of you background or experience.  We accomplish this with an empowering community of like-minded individuals, world-class training, and top tier professional and enthusiastic coaching.

Our facility is equipped with everything you need to do CrossFit workouts – we are a CROSSFIT-ONLY facility. We are not a commercial gym that offers CrossFit. WE ARE CROSSFIT!


We see no reason to use isolated muscle machines. Life doesn’t come at you one isolated muscle at a time. Your body is a complete organism, we hope you’d consider training it that way! We train your body to run, jump, climb, push, pull, lift, press, squat, carry, throw and catch. Our training includes using your own body weight, medicine balls, free weights, plyo boxes, jump ropes, kettlebells and pull up bars. Every workout involves compound, multi-joint exercises. From the explosive power lifts found in olympic weightlifting to the strength benefits found in powerlifting and the balance/coordination/agility of rudimentary gymnastics, CrossFit Laredo incorporates only the methods, principles and concepts of what works.

At CrossFit Laredo, there are no expensive machines, televisions, spas, saunas, mirrors or smoothie bars. Our methods elicit teamwork, camaraderie, motivation, focus, family and a sense of belonging. We create athletes that are fitter, healthier people overall.


What Sets Us Apart?


CrossFit Laredo has the most experience and largest qualified staff with over 4 years of experience and 14 certified trainers. We introduced the CrossFit method to Laredo and although a few others have established their own CrossFit facilities we try to encourage you to remember that not all facilities are created equally and not all gyms out there promoting CrossFit are trained or certified to be CrossFit affiliates. So please do a little research then decide who is best for you.

So what sets us apart? Experience! Experience in training, programming,and CrossFit methodology. Quality! Quality in the level of training, of the equipment and facilities. Professionalism! Professionalism in how we train our athletes, how we treat people and how we do business. Stop by our facility and see the difference demonstrated!


Key Factors


Personal Attention. That is really what makes the world of difference! It’s that one to one professional instruction that every member gets. That is a standard luxury when you become a member at CrossFit Laredo.


Training in Small Groups! Group training offers a high level of personal attention with the addition of positive peer influence. Natural camaraderie, competition and fun of sport, yield competition and intensity that is unparalleled and cannot be experienced in one-on-one training!  We know that our members are motivated to push harder in a group dynamic. Our classes will be no bigger than a 3 trainers to 20 athlete ratio, so you always get that high level of attention and coaching at all times.  If you prefer private and semi-private training , no need to worry! Private and semi-private training is available upon request.


Trainers! Our trainers are professionals in every sense of the word. We have the largest CrossFit certified staff in South Texas. You will find that our trainers our committed, professional, knowledgeable individuals that show respect and integrity towards the member without any agenda other than being passionate in assisting you in reaching a higher level of fitness.


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The Free Lesson

Attend a free class workout. No obligation. Just get your feet wet and see what its about. You can participate or observe. Sometimes its better to experience what CrossFit is than reading about it.

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Jump right in and become a member and schedule your Intro Session & Basics Concepts Classes. Take advantage of our low price and world class fitness now!


Please see our “fees” link for pricing/rate information. Give us a call @ (956) 744-7055 or drop us an email @ ernesto@crossfitlaredo.com . Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.