Welcome to CrossFit Laredo. We are Laredo’s FIRST licensed and certified affiliate of CrossFit, Inc. We have been thrilled to offer CrossFit training methodology to the Laredo community since 2008. If you’d like to work with the experts, choose to work with us.

No one succeeds without asking for help.

➡️ Cristiano Ronaldo, the world's highest paid soccer player gets help with his workouts, nutrition, even his sleep!

➡️ Howard Shultz, while he was in the process of trying to regain control of Starbucks, took 3 hour bike rides to consult on strategy with Micheal Dell.

➡️ Jiro Ono, of Jiro Dreams of sushi, still relies on his son Yoshikazu for his meal preparations at his famous Michelin Starred restaurant.

Plain and simple: Get coached = Get Results.

If you haven't gotten the body or results you're looking for chances are there's a much bigger problem underlying for the reasons why.

Let me tell what they are..

#1 Not having the knowledge of putting a complete and effective workout plan, specific to you.

#2 Not having a workable game plan to integrate the nutrition, exercise and lifestyle component required for your success.

#3 Not having the supportive community required to motivate and hold you accountable to make the changes necessary to not only achieve your short term goals but to create a lifestyle that will support maintaining that success for life.

Sooo if you would like to know how we solve these problems and solve them quickly - Get in on our 21 Day Fit Body Boot Camp Challenge.

Right now we're looking for 10 men and 10 women to take on our 21 Day Fit Body Boot Camp Challenge.

Here's an important part of the challenge.. You and I both know the biggest factor that will make a difference in your fitness results and how your body looks and transforms is Nutrition. Period! I don't care if you're doing battle ropes, kettlebell swings, running everyday or Navy seal training.. It's starts with Nutrition.

So we're going to solve this problem by having The 21 Day Fit Body Boot Camp Challenge include meal prep!

That's right! We cook and we deliver. All you have to do is sign up for the challenge, show up for the workouts and we'll take care of the rest.

Let's get you on an effective roadmap to success with a proven workout plan, accountability and support to achieve results.

Again spots are limited as were only looking for 10 men and 10 women for the challenge. This is so that we can provide the special attention needed as we customize everything, the workouts, the meals, all specific to each participant.

So sign up and let's get you there! The 21 Day Fit Body Boot Camp Challenge! Can you commit to 21 Days?! Let's go!

Call today to reserve your spot and get all the details! The Challenge starts next week June 26th.
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“Great team, from the coaches to the athletes.

Everyone made me feel like I was at my home box.”


“Excelente Crossfit, tuve oportunidad de entrenar ahi

y las instalaciones son excelentes al igual que los coaches. Saludos a todos. !!!”


“Best Crossfit in Laredo, hands down!!”


“I really recommend it to everybody….

Believe me it’s really hard but dam u defiantly lose weight n develop ur muscles”


“Awesome coaching and coaches, Very friendly atmosphere!!!

I love it! My new home away from home”